Title and Divorce

During the course of a divorce, even an amicable one, the state of  title to your real estate may not be the first thing on your mind.  There are many things to consider during a divorce but this is one area that really should not be overlooked.  Here’s why…

Although you and your spouse are surely looking at how to equitably divide the marital assets and debts, your real estate could blur the line between them.  Suppose, for instance, that your home is titled in you and your spouse’s name.  Judgments, mechanic’s liens, fines etc. owed  by one spouse can encumber jointly owned real estate.  Ordering a title search or instructing your attorney to do so will give you the information you need as to the status of your title.   Yes, it is an additional expense but it will save you a lot of  money in the long run.   Any title problems that arise can be addressed and resolved before your divorce is finalized so there are no surprises afterwards.


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