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7 Tips on selecting the right custom homebuilder

In today’s day and age, building a custom home is like fine tuning an engine.  It takes great precision, focus and creativity to ensure the final product is exemplary.  That is why it is so important to do your research before deciding on which builder to choose with this life changing purchase.

Custom Home by American Dream Properties

Custom Home by
American Dream Properties

Here are 7 tips to selecting a builder with confidence

  1. Avoid builders with no office.  In most cases, that means they work out of their car which can signify organizational problems and several other issues.
  2. Meet your builder in person. Before starting work on any new home, it is important to meet with your builder.  Building trust from the onset will help you throughout the entire process of construction.  Experienced builders encourage their clients to visit the site. I have seen many times where clients only visit the site once a month.   I encourage my clients to come once a week. Many things can change from week to week. It is important to pay attention to your investment.
  3. Ask the builder to show you completed homes. Don’t be shy to knock on the doors of the homeowners; past customers will always tell you the truth.
  4. Keep an eye on quality. Homes often look good from afar but when one takes a closer look several flaws can be exposed.  I suggest walking around a house and looking for things like cracks or separations in the foundation.  Also, it is important to pay particular attention to the material used. Items like Vinyl siding, A/C condensers and windows are very telling of the quality of the overall home.
  5. Inquire about the foundation. Although a home built with a convention block foundation is acceptable, a home built with a solid poured foundation is preferable.
  6. Ask about upgrades. Builders typically have a set of standard selections and are reluctant to allow customers to upgrade.  As a customer, you should always be able to make upgrade selections even if this means slight delays in construction.   Reluctance on the builder’s part is a sign of poor customer service.  Good builders know that the simplest changes can bring tremendous satisfaction and appreciation from their clients.
  7. Secure your deposit-During contract negotiations, it is important to secure your deposit with either a personal guarantee from the builder or have it secured in an escrow account. Most builders are not comfortable with this which could signify their own financial limitations.  Ask this question when you’re interviewing potential builders.
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